Spirit Trail Coalition agrees to work with U.S. Bicycle Route 51 coalition organized by MoBikeFed | dailystarjournal.com

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The Johnson County Spirit Trails Coalition agreed to be the county representative to the U.S. Bicycle Route 51 organization that is planning to extend a bike trail from Louisiana to Minnesota.

Brent Hugh, executive director of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, explained the project to coalition members in April and said planners want to connect with various trails in Missouri to create “interesting loops” and spurs along the route.

He said the group also is looking for organizations and committees to work with the federation on planning and developing the trails.

MoBikeFed comment: The U.S. Bicycle Route 51 coalition is working to nail down the exact route of USBR 51 in Missouri. USBR 51 will eventually extend all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Minnesota, connecting with many east/west cross-country bicycle routes as it does so.

Just in Missouri, USBR 51 will cross USBR 66, USBR 76 (TransAmerica Trail), the Katy Trail, the Rock Island Trail, the American Discovery Trail, USBR 50 (Louis & Clark Route), and the Hwy 36 Bicycle Trail (Way of American Genius).

The USBR 51 planning effort includes numerous local partners and has already publicly released the first section of the Butterfield Stage Experience mostly-gravel route connecting Jefferson City and Springfield, Missouri with the Katy & Rock Island Trails.

More about all of these routes: