2022-2023 Key Donors

This page lists the Key Donors who made our 2022-2023 Challenge Match possible.

Our annual Fund Raising Challenge brings in the core of the funding that makes our organizations financially stable and helps make our Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri a reality.

If you would like to become a Key Donor for the current year, please contact director [at] mobikefed.org or call 816-336-2550.

Name Location
William A Kerr Foundation (Organization) St Louis, MO
Big Shark Bicycle Co (Organization) St Louis, MO
Red White and Green Inc (Organization) St Louis, MO
Caryn Giarratano (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Chrysa and Richard Niewald family (Individual) Owensville, MO
Daniel Bauer family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Elizabeth Heller (Individual) St Louis, MO
Frederick Schmidt (Individual) Washington, DC
Jim A & Anne M Jesse family (Individual) Sunset Hills, MO
Lolle Boettcher (Individual) Owensville, MO
Mark D Wittry family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Michael Hurst (Individual) St Louis, MO
R. Wes Ridgeway & family (Individual) Belleville, IL
Tom Reinbold (Individual) Springfield, MO
Wayne Goode (Individual) St Louis, MO
Cary Summers (Individual) Rogersville, MO
David J Lutz family (Individual) Overland Park, KS
David Sprecker (Individual) Palmetto, FL
George M Helmkamp Jr (Individual) Kansas City, MO
John & Laverna Meyer family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Kyle Guinn (Individual) Olathe, KS
Mark Snell (Individual) Clinton, MO
Maureen Purcell & Dave Hustead family (Individual) Overland Park, KS
Michael D Hennies family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Ted O'Connor (Individual) Overland Park, KS
Tom & Judy Johnson (Individual) St Louis, MO
A&B Cycle (Organization) Springfield, MO
Andrew Clements family (Individual) Country Club, MO
Carol A Elliott & Joe Howell family (Individual) Columbia, MO
David & Shirley C Hutchison family (Individual) Springfield, MO
David Fiedler (Individual) St Louis, MO
David Lewis (Individual) Wentzville, MO
Dennis & Carlynn Trout family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Dennis Gredell (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Dessa Paris & Mike Gant (Individual) St Louis, MO
Donald R & Joyce Harter family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Douglas Kiburz (Individual) Sedalia, MO
Francis Schmidt & Brenda Peculis (Individual) Columbia, MO
Gerrit Segers (Individual) Wildwood, MO
Gregory Collier (Individual) Wildwood, MO
Gregory Lewis (Individual) Springfield, MO
James Felts family (Individual) Rolla, MO
Joseph E and Kathleen Ziha (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Katherine Jenkins (Individual) St Louis, MO
Mike & Julie Holley (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Patti Dickson (Individual) St Louis, MO
Stephen H Rovak (Individual) St Louis, MO
Thomas & Katherine Ryan family (Individual) St Louis, MO
American Diabetes Association; Tour de Cure (Organization) Chesterfield, MO
Columbia Bicycle Club (Organization) Columbia, MO
Dogwood Trailblazers (Organization) Joplin, MO
Frost Supply (Organization) Chesterfield, MO
Kim's Cabins (Organization) Windsor, MO
Mark J Reynolds Memorial Bike Fund Inc (Organization) St Joseph, MO
St. Louis Recreational Cyclists (Organization) St Charles, MO
Almut & Walter Gassmann family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Barb J & David Curtis family (Individual) Warrensburg, MO
Beth and Gary Thompson (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Bob & Cheryl Hicks family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Brent Bradshaw (Individual) Moberly, MO
Carl Burns (Individual) columbia, MO
Cheryl Caldwell (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Christine and John Huebbe (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Christopher Schraw (Individual) Maplewood, MO
Chuck Daugherty (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Cinda Kessler (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Dan S Edidin & Tanya Christiansen family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Dan Schaper & Lynne Fortner family (Individual) Fulton, MO
Daniel C & Linda Vinson family (Individual) Columbia, Mo, MO
David Brown (Individual) University City, MO
David Dyroff family (Individual) St. Louis, MO
David N & Tracey Johnson family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Edward Wagenaar family (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Elke & Mark Overton family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Erica Van Vranken & Peter McCarthy (Individual) Columbia, MO
Evan Richardson (Individual) Blue Springs, MO
Fred O'Donnell (Individual) Columbia, MO
Gary Ravens (Individual) Marceline, MO
George & Barbara Nelson family (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Glenn T & Kathleen Brown family (Individual) Boonville, MO
Harold Draper (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Harry J Buck (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Hille Unterberg (Individual) St Louis, MO
Jackie Settlage family (Individual) Kirksville, MO
James T Glickert (Individual) Osage Beach, MO
Janet Bassel (Individual) Manchester, MO
Jay Osborne (Individual) Springfield, MO
Jeff & Leslie Zacks family (Individual) University City, MO
Jeffrey Korte (Individual) Manchester, MO
Jim & Sandra Feher family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Jim P & Lois J Wyman family (Individual) Union, MO
John & Angie Nickell family (Individual) Parkville, MO
John A Carter Jr (Individual) Columbia, MO
John Bower (Individual) Creve Coeur, MO
John Robb family (Individual) pittsburg, KS
John V & Nancy Johnson family (Individual) COLUMBIA, MO
Joyce & Michael Patton family (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Joyce Reynolds (Individual) St Joseph, MO
Karen Proper (Individual) St Louis, MO
Ken Johnson (Individual) Maplewood, MO
Kirk & Lisa Farmer family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Kristen A Morrow family (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Larry P OReilly (Individual) Springfield, MO
Loni & Mica Luffman family (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Maggi Hacker (Individual) Overland Park, KS
Margaret A Hefner & Peter Wiedenbeck family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Mark Aulenbach (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Marlyn Whitney family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Mel Trotier (Individual) Wildwood, MO
Michael Bobelak (Individual) Ballwin, MO
Michael Ehr (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Michael L & Kathryn M Biagioli family (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Mr. Peter R. Karsten (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Mr. Tim Morrison (Individual) Ellisville, MO
Paul Mohr (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Rachel Ruhlen (Individual) Fort Collins, CO
Ray Slesinski (Individual) Arnold, MO
Richard J Zalasky (Individual) Wildwood, MO
Richard M & Janet S Dubinsky family (Individual) Leawood, KS
Rob Stitt (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Robert Carroll (Individual) Overland Park, KS
Robert Gresick (Individual) saint louis, MO
Robert P Anderson (Individual) Webster Groves, MO
Sarah Hanly (Individual) St Louis, MO
Scott Woermann (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Stephen R Walker (Individual) Warrensburg, MO
Stuart Z Hoffman (Individual) St Louis, MO
Susan Jesse (Individual) Fenton, MO
Susan Mackin (Individual) St Louis, MO
Terry & Jeannene Whaley family (Individual) Springfield, MO
Theresa L Weiss & Ronald Sokol family (Individual) Hillsboro, MO
Thomas Amolsch (Individual) Columbia, MO
Tony & Nancy Taube family (Individual) COLUMBIA, MO
Treadwell Jones (Individual) Prairie Vlg, KS
Valerie & Robert Larm (Individual) Warsaw, MO
Vickie Ingram (Individual) kansas city, MO
Victoria Damba (Individual) Farmington, MO
William Holcomb (Individual) Overland, MO
Wolfgram and Associates, P.C. (Individual) St Louis, MO
Heidi Blackstun, MSW, LCSW, MBA (Organization) Columbia, MO
Barry Larson (Individual) St Louis, MO
Brennan and Kari Benkert (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Bruce Hadley (Individual) St Louis, MO
Celeste A & Richard L Koon family (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Dana Gray (Individual) St Louis, MO
David Nelson (Individual) Billings, MO
Douglas Wolfe (Individual) St Louis, MO
Erik & Diana Riker family (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Matthew Wyczalkowski (Individual) St Louis, MO
Randy Rasa (Individual) Higginsville, MO
Robert A Foster (Individual) Grover, MO
Scott Stocking (Individual) Irvington, IL
Steven Whitlock (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Susan Ikazaki (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Walter M Davis (Individual) Branson, MO
Alan F & Dana Perry family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Barry & Janice Branham family (Individual) Ballwin, MO
Betsy Grant (Individual) St Louis, MO
Charles Schmidt (Individual) St Peters, MO
Charles Skornia (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Chris Gervich (Individual) St Peters, MO
Dave Gale family (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
David & Elizabeth Duncan family (Individual) Rolla, MO
Elaine M Stoll (Individual) Lathrop, MO
Frank Martin (Individual) Hallsville, MO
James Loch (Individual) Warrensburg, MO
James Poulson family (Individual) Elm Creek, NE
Jason Hunt (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Joanne Sterman (Individual) Eldon, MO
Karen Mell & Matthew Keeney family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Kent Medina (Individual) Independence, MO
L David Sibley & Wandy Beatty family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Larry & Janet Cunningham family (Individual) Independence, MO
Linda R Minson (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Lynda Jones (Individual) Nevada, MO
Matt Padberg (Individual) St Louis, MO
Michael Lodes (Individual) St Louis, MO
Michael Vestweber (Individual) Lee's Summit, MO
Mike Briner family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Mike Lodes (Individual) St Louis, MO
Paul & Jody Lacy (Individual) Columbia, MO
Peggy Horner (Individual) Columbia, MO
Robert Foote family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Steve & Julie Shiery family (Individual) Hartsburg, MO
Susan Feldman family (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Tanya L & Gary L Crews family (Individual) Wildwood, MO
Timothy Hill (Individual) St Charles, MO
Trevor N Harris (Individual) Columbia, MO
Karen Shipman & Gregory J White family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Mr. Clark Harris (Individual) Springfield, MO
Theresa C Hanssen family (Individual) MO Springfield, MO
Warren A Rosenblum & Nicole Blumner family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Brenden Roland (Individual) St Peters, MO
Claire Wilhoit (Individual) Independence, MO
David A Pickerill (Individual) Ellisville, MO
Debra Sue Wood & Darren Brungardt family (Individual) Raytown, MO
Pedego St. Charles (Organization) St Charles, MO
Springbike Bicycle Club (Organization) Springfield, MO
Alex Tetlak & Bridget Thomas family (Individual) Kirksville, MO
Bill & Carol Moorkamp (Individual) Rolla, MO
Christopher Hunter (Individual) St Louis, MO
Daniel Winter family (Individual) Sappington, MO
Gus Wagner (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
James Alseth (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Josh Adams (Individual) Columbia, MO
Marton L Carroll (Individual) Glendale, MO
Paul Whitter (Individual) Columbia, MO

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