Groundbreaking for Phase 1 of Rock Island Trail in Jackson County March 8th

The groundbreaking for Phase 1 of the Jackson County portion of the Rock Island Trail will take place March 8th, 2018, at 10:00 at Hartmann Park, 700 SW Pryor Rd, Lee's Summit.

Phase 1 includes a portion of the 17.7 miles of the Rock Island Corridor purchased by Jackson County and the KCATA in 2016.  All of that corridor will eventually be developed into a trail, linking with the existing 47 miles of Rock Island Trail at Pleasant Hill, which connects with the Katy Trail at Windsor.

This section is a key portion of the Rock Island/Katy Trail system that has been envisioned for decades to connect across Missouri state line to state line.

Kudos and congratulations to the Jackson County Rock Island Rail Corridor Authority for reaching this important milestone.

In December, Jackson County announced that the contract for Phase 1 of the Rock Island Trail had been let, with more details about the planned trail and regional connections:

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