Updated: Your complete guide to funding sources for bicycle, pedestrian, and trails projects in Missouri

Your community has some amazing bicycle, pedestrian, and trails projects it wants to build--perhaps even a local or regional bicycle, pedestrian, or trails plan.  But now you need the funding to actually build.

If your community doesn't yet have those plans and projects developed, it might be smart to take a step back first:

  • Develop your own plans, projects, and priorities
  • Implement a few projects--even very small, simple, low-cost projects--using available resources
  • Build a community partnership in support of these projects.

We have a whole page with ideas to help your community take these initial steps.

Then you are ready to approach potential funders to take the next steps.

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2019 Legislature: Hearing held on bill to prohibit texting while driving, please contact your state senator in support

A bill prohibiting all Missouri drivers from texting while driving and requiring hands-free use of electronic devices while driving has been introduced by Senator Wayne Wallingford (R-Cape Girardeau). 

The bill, SB 15, was heard in the Senate Transportation Committee last Thursday and the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation was there to testify in support. Our members have consistently identified legislation dealing with distracted driving as one of their top legislative priorities.

Also testifying in support of SB 15 the yearing were about thirteen other supporters, including the American Automobile Association, Associated General Contractors, the medical/health organizations, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, and others. MoDOT, which has been working with legislators on this issue for years, has compiled some compelling statistics and data on the issue, including some showing the overall effectiveness of this type of legislation in improving safety.

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