369 miles of connected trail across Missouri: New Rock Island/Katy Trail Connections--Maps, routes, connections, destinations for soon-to-be-opened western end of the Rock Island Trail

With the first six miles of Jackson County's portion of the Rock Island Trail opening in June 2019--and a further 8-10 miles following in the next year or two--many people are asking how to connect Jackson County's Katy Trail in Lee's Summit and Kansas City to Missouri State Parks Rock  Island Trail and Katy Trail, which starts at Pleasant Hill.

Because you want to ride the whole Rock Island Trail, right?

Others are asking how to make a bicycle connection from Amtrak to the Rock Island Trail.

Others are asking: Now that the Katy/Rock Island Trail system reaches the edge of the Kansas City metro area, how can I ride from the trail to anywhere in the KC metro area--or to, for example, the airport?

Below are maps, routes, and files for your GPS unit that will help you bridge the gap between these trail sections and make all of those major regional connections--using trails and low-stress, low traffic routes.

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