Jenn Bradshaw completes first official full ride of Butterfield Stage Experience route--254 miles across Missouri

It wasn't much more than a year ago when the Butterfield Stage Experience was just a glimmer of an idea mentioned in a regional trails planning meeting. 

This spring, when the idea the routes starting coming together--to link 8 Missouri counties and over a dozen communities via a gravel bicycle route following the historic route--and those of us planning the route go so excited about it that we were driving ourselves and our bikes across the state just to try out one segment or another and make sure it really worked, we realized we had the first 250 miles of the route ready to go.  

Why not release it and let people start to ride it and and enjoy it.

So we did.

But up until now, no one has ridden the entire 254 miles of the Butterfield Stage Experience, completely and end to end.

Now Warsaw cyclist Jenn Bradshaw has become the first--of many, we hope!--to ride the complete route.

Here is her story:

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Do you walk or bicycle in the St Louis metro area? Attend an important meeting later in October--will set the tone for biking & walking in St Louis County for years to come

Everyone who walks and bicycles is invited to attend public meetings October 16-24 in various areas of St Louis County about the new Action Plan for Walking and Biking

If you can't attend the meetings in person (or even if you can!) there is an online survey here.

Why is this plan important?

Michael Hennies of the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation Board has been representing the Federation on the Community Advisory Team for the plan.

Mike says:

The Action Plan for Walking and Biking will ultimately be providing the planning guidance to St Louis County and the communities within St Louis County on how to create a uniform approach to designing and accounting for walking and biking.  It really is quite unprecedented from a St Louis County perspective. 

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