How to connect from MO's Katy/Rock Island Trail to KS's Flint Hills Nature Trail using trails & low-stress routes

UPDATE: We've put the Katy-Rock Island-Flint Hills Nature Trail route outlined in this article together one  one hand route page.  Check it out here: Katy Trail to Flint Hills Nature Trail bicycle route

Recently one of our members contacted us with a very good question: How can a trail rider connect from Missouri's Katy /Rock Island Trail system to the Flint Hill Nature Trail in neighboring Kansas?

One reason we're so excited about our recent working in developing and promting gravel and bicycle touring routes across Missouri, is that when you put that together with our expanding local and statewide trails system, connections like this are VERY possible today--even for riders who prefer trails and low-stress roads.

Here is what I wrote to Todd--explaining both one nice way to connect the Katy/Rock Island and the Flint Hills Nature Trails, but also in general the resources and routes we have been developing recently:

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