Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial: Long & short Santa Fe Trail bicycle routes to ride for Raytown's Festival of the Trails September 11th, 2021

It's the 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail in 2021 and communities all across America and Missouri are celebrating.

The Raytown area - second day out on the trail from one of the major Santa Fe Trail launching points in Independence, Missouri - is celebrating with the The Festival of the Trails on September 11th, 2021. The Festival is a series of activities and events along the historic Santa Fe Trail route through town.

As part of this Santa Fe Trail bicentennial celebration, MoBikeFed has created two bicycle routes that allow you to visit all the Raytown Festival of the Trails venues along with a number of Santa Fe Trail historic sites from Wayne City Landing on the Missouri River in Independence to New Santa Fe on the far west Missouri border:

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MoBikeFed announces 370 miles of "Birthplace of the Santa Fe Trail Bicycle Tour" for Santa Fe Trail bicentennial

2021 is the bicentennial of the Santa Fe trail - a trail pioneered in 1821 from Boon's Lick, Missouri to Santa Fe, Mexico.  The entire Santa Fe Trail, a transcontinental route connecting nations and cultures, is filled with 200 years of history--and the first portion of the trail in Missouri is no exception. 

In honor of the Santa Fe Trail bicentennial, MoBikeFed is announcing the release of over 270 370 miles of carefully designed, vetted, and amazing bicycle touring routes exploring the Birthplace of the Santa Fe Trail in Missouri.


The 270 370 Miles of Santa Fe Trail Bicycle Routes

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Butterfield Stage Experience 500 Bicycle Route? Not officially (yet) but...try the new Butterfield Stage "Outlaw Trail": 240 miles, Springfield MO-Ft Smith AR

The Butterfield Stage Experience mostly-gravel bicycle route, 250 miles Jefferson City to Springfield, has been an amazing success for Missouri and for Butterfield Trail communities since it was announced in 2018.

Now - thanks to an amazing group of leaders and organizers in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas - we are looking at having the next 250 miles of the Butterfield Trail turned into an officially adopted bicycle route, perhaps as soon as December 2021.

Have  you been thinking about that next 250 miles of the historic Butterfield Stage route to Fort Smith, Arkansas?

So have we!

Read on to find out what we have been thinking - because it's worth checking out.

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STL Post-Dispatch: Missouri parks boosters falling millions short of fundraising goal for 144-mile cross-state Rock Island Trail section

A year and a half ago, Missouri State Parks and Ameren signed a historic agreement to transfer the next 144 miles of the Rock Island RR corridor, between Windsor MO and Washington MO, to Missouri State Parks to become Rock Island Trail State Park.

However, there was a big catch: To finalize the transfer, Missouri State Parks and its supporter had to raise $9.8 million dollars in private or other non-state, non-state parks funding, so that Missouri State Parks could accept the corridor.

Building statewide trail connections, preserving trail corridors like the Rock Island, and taking full advantage of your trail connection when it finally happens, will be some of the main topics of discussion at the Missouri Active Transportation Summit, Friday August 13th, 2021. All virtual for 2021 Join us!

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