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Dru Buntin of the Missouri DNR and Mark Birk of Ameren Missouri
Today officials from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Ameren signed an "interim trail use agreement" that allows the 144 miles of the Rock Island railroad corridor between Windsor and Beaufort to move towards development as Rock Island Trail State Park in the near future. Dru Buntin of the Missouri Department of Natural... (read more)
Missouri State Parks and Ameren, Rock Island Trail agreemen t
Missouri State Parks will announce their decision whether to sign an Interim Trail Use Agreement on the 144 miles of the Rock Island Trail between Windsor and Beaufort, Missouri, Tuesday, December 17th, at 2pm in Eldon.  Missouri State Parks and Ameren have worked to create an agreement to railbank the next 144-mile section of the Katy Trail... (read more)
Newly installed pedestrian signal and crosswalk on Kingshighway at Magnolia
Complete Streets make communities work for everyone--those who walk, those who bicycle, those who drive or use public transportation, people of all ages, and people at all levels of ability and disability. Recently, the Tower Grove area has implemented a comprehensive plan to improve walking and bicycling connections in the area, and particularly... (read more)
Butterfield 60 Gravel Road Gran Fondo - Sat Oct 26, 2019
A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Butterfield Stage Experience Route will take place on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at the Warsaw Courthouse Butterfield Monument, located at 316 Van Buren, Warsaw, Missouri. Following the grand opening, the first ride/race event utilizing a portion of the route, the Butterfield 60 Gravel Road... (read more)
  The Katy Rail Trail will be highlighted throughout the Ok Bike Summit
MoBikeFed Executive Director Brent Hugh, former MoBikeFed president Paul Wojciechowski, and the Katy Trail will be featured at the 2019 Oklahoma Bike Summit Oct 25-26, 2019--along with Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell of Oklahoma, of course. The Summit is held in Oklahoma City--so a fairly close drive for many Missourians in the southwestern part... (read more)
Jenn's Butterfield Stage ride - anticipating the 254 miles
It wasn't much more than a year ago when the Butterfield Stage Experience was just a glimmer of an idea mentioned in a regional trails planning meeting.  Jenn Bradshaw and the historic Butterfield Stage Experience first ride This spring, when the idea the routes starting coming together--to link 8 Missouri counties and over a dozen... (read more)
Public meetings for the new St Louis County Action Plan for Walking and Biking a
Everyone who walks and bicycles is invited to attend public meetings October 16-24 in various areas of St Louis County about the new Action Plan for Walking and Biking. Public meetings for the new St Louis County Action Plan for Walking and Biking are coming up later in October If you can't attend the meetings in person (or even if... (read more)
The 144-mile section of the Rock Island under discussion
Missouri State Parks and Ameren have received another extension in their work to hammer out an agreement to transfer the next 144 miles of the Rock Island Corridor between Windsor and Beaufort. The 144-mile section of the Rock Island under discussion will someday be part of a 500+ mile cross-state trail loop system, combining the Katy, Rock Island... (read more)
Regular annual visits to Washington DC have made a big difference
One reason the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation--joined by many colleagues in advocacy groups across Missouri, and many private citizens over the years--has made a point to attend every National Bike Summit since 2005 is that we know that those person contacts with our elected representatives and their staff make a real difference.... (read more)
The Jackson County Rock Island Trail is the orange segment on the map
The 17-mile Jackson County portion of the statewide Rock Island Trail seemed to hit a major roadblock early this month, as a federal agency revoked the county's railroad status and all work on the Rock Island Trail project stopped.  KCUR reported: The Jackson County Rock Island Trail is the orange segment on the map, connecting the RIT to the... (read more)
Sample Section of the new Guide to Missouri Road Rules, Markings, and Signs for
Announcing the new Guide to Missouri Road Rules, Markings, and Signs for Everyone who Drives, Walks, or Bicycles. Ever been confused about bike lane marking or the new green bike lanes, intersection markings, pedestrian crossing signals, and other new markings that many Missouri cities are rolling out? Or do you have a friend who doesn't... (read more)
Thanks to all 2019 Missouri Active Transportation Summit presenters and attendee
Many thanks to everyone who attended or presented a session at the 2019 Active Transportation Summit. The Summit was packed full of inspiration, information, and good networking as always. The projects and progress we heard about from all across Missouri (and Iowa!) make all of us really optimistic about the future of bicycling, walking, and... (read more)
Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2019 Missouri Active Transportation Summit Schedule and Program: 2019 Missouri Active Transportation Summit, Friday, August 9th, 9-5pm, Columbia, MissouriRegister for the 2019 Summit here. The Summit is Friday, August 9th, 2019 starting at Columbia City Hall at 9:00amFull 2019 Summit Program here (pdf format)Summit... (read more)
Mayor Hindman was an avid cyclist--and bicycle and trails supporter
Former Columbia Mayor and champion of bicycling, walking, and trails Darwin Hindman passed away Monday at age 86.A memorial bicycle ride and funeral service will be held Saturday, June 22nd, 2019, in Columbia: Mayor Hindman was an avid cyclist--and bicycle and trails supporterThe mile-long ride will begin at 11:45 a.m. Saturday at the Darwin and... (read more)
Katy Trail Flooding at Good Woman Creek (MO State Parks)
According to the Missouri State Parks Current Flooding Conditions page, over 100 miles of the Katy Trail is currently closed due to flooding along the Missouri River. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported on the devastating impact the loss of business is having on the Katy Trail businesses and communities. Katy Trail Flooding at Good Woman... (read more)