Missouri Bicycle & Touring Routes

Missouri Bicycle & Touring Routes (including GPS downloads)

This page has cross-state, touring, regional, connector, and local bicycle routes  for all types of cycling--day rides, weekend or multi-day touring, on-road, gravel, mountain bike, and bikepacking--created by MoBikeFed and our partners across Missouri.

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This is one of a series of pages on MoBikeFed.org designed to help find routes, roads, trails, and places to bicycle in Missouri:

About the Missouri Bicycle & Touring Routes & GPS downloads

All routes can be downloaded immediately as GPS files, or simply used as reference maps for planning your own routes and trips.

Routes are typically great rides that also follow historic, cultural, and scenic corridors in Missouri. They include historical, cultural, and practical information about the places you visit, such points of interest, historical background on places & communities, historical maps and photos, and lodging, food, and camping along the route.

We currently have Released Routes, Beta Quality routes, and Draft Quality routes. If you would like to help turn out Beta and Draft Quality routes into released routes, please contact us.

Bicycle & Touring Routes

Links will take you directly to the route pages with more info & route links, or in some cases directly to the RideWithGPS page for that route.


What are the routes--what are they like--who are they for--who creates and maintains them

The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation works with partners all across Missouri to collect and create some of the best bicycle routes in the state.

The routes are available for free download  and can be used with a variety of mobile phone software (including free software options) and GPS bicycle devices.

The routes can be used for:

  • Finding some of the best local rides of any length, particularly if you are unfamiliar with bicycle routes in a certain area
  • Making major statewide bicycle route connections, such as from various cities, airports, train stations, etc, to the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail
  • Connecting to major existing bicycle touring routes in and near Missouri, such as U.S. Bicycle Route 76, 66, the American Discovery Trail, the Mississippi River Trail, local and regional trails systems around Missouri, the Great American Rail-Trail
  • Planning bicycle touring routes in, around, and through Missouri--whether paved, gravel, trails, bikepacking, or some combination of all, and whether short, medium, or long

Routes are designed to be similar in many ways to Adventure Cycling Association routes--including information about historical, cultural, and scenic points of interest along the way and information needed by touring cyclists, such as where food, lodging, and camping is available.

Many of the routes follow historical trails, routes, rivers, or other routes that are historically, culturally, or scenically important and interesting.