Missouri Bicycle Maps and Routes

Missouri Routes and Bike Maps

This page lists mostly on-road bicycle routes and maps. Related resources:

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Statewide bicycle routes and trails indexes, listings, guides

  • Missouri Biking Trails Guide from Missouri Life Magazine - a comprehensive guide to Missouri bicycling trails, bicycle touring routes, and trail destinations around the state
  • VisitMissouriTrails.com - A new guide with the ambitious goal--still in progress--to create comprehensive list, guide, and map to every trail in Missouri, from multi-use trails to mountain biking trails, single-track trails, hiking trails, equestrian trails, motorcycle trails, ATV trails, and on-road bicycle touring routes like USBR 66 and USBR 76.  This amazing resource compiles trail information from dozens of agencies and organizations and lists every trail in Missouri along with directions, trailheads, information about allowed trail uses, and trail maps.

Statewide Bicycling Maps

Missouri does not yet have a state bicycle map. However, by combining the four information sources below (proposed statewide bicycle routes, draft bicycle map, statewide traffic volume maps, statewide shoulder maps) enough information can be put together to make route planning reasonable in rural areas of the state. Click here for more details about viewing/printing/using the maps.

Please note that these maps are presented for information only and there is no guarantee as to the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of the information presented. Bicyclists assume the responsibility for their own safety when riding.

State-wide Routes and On-Road Trails

Missouri has no less than six major national bicycle routes that pass through the state--among the highest number of such routes of any state.  Whether you're riding from coast to cost, state line to state line, or just looking for a great route a little out of your normal range, Missouri's national bicycle routes have a lot to offer: 

City/Metro/Area/Region Bicycle Route & Map Information from Around Missouri




Kansas City


St. Joseph


St. Louis

Other nearby states

Details about viewing/printing/using statewide maps

The Traffic Count and Shoulder maps of each district are particularly valuable, because they show all MoDOT roads. There are other roads in rural areas (county roads, for instance), but these maps show the main, through, routes that cyclists are more likely to use when touring.

Printing the PDF files can be problematic because they cover a lot of area and have a lot of small detail. If printing to 8.5x11 sheets, experiment with selecting or de-selecting the "fit to page" option in the print dialog box. The District Maps available as PDF files are usually quite legible when printed on a large-format printer as 11x17 pages. Some maps are available in "tiled" versions--large maps are pre-split into two or more pieces designed to fit on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. Another option is use a screen capture program to capture and print areas of interest from within the PDF files.

To view and print the PDF files you will need the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader, available here.


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