Missouri Bicycle Trails and Trail Maps

Missouri Bicycle Trails

This page lists trails that are mostly off-road, both multi-use trails (relatively wide and sometimes paved) and single-track mountain bike trails (narrow and unpaved).

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Boy on Katy Trail
Boy on Katy Trail

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State-wide maps and resources

Statewide trails

Katy Trail

The Katy Trail 240 mile rail-trail across Missouri.  It is still the longest rail-trail in the U.S. and one of the longest continuous multi-use trails in the U.S. and the world. The Katy has over 400,000 visits annually from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries.

The Katy Trail now combines seamlessly with sections of the new Rock Island Trail to make a continous statewide trail corridor over 300 miles in length.  It connects with a number of local trails along with way for a total connected system mileage of about 369 miles as of 2019.

Rock Island Trail

The Rock Island Trail across Missouri is now under development and significant sections are open.

The Rock Island will combine with the Katy Trail and other connector trails to make a statewide trail loop system over 500 miles in length.

As of Spring 2019, the 47-mile Rock Island Spur between Windsor and Pleasant Hill is open. Another 6 mile section in Jackson County near Lee's Summit is opening Spring 2019. Learn how to bicycle between those two Rock Island Trail sections or access them via Amtrak here.

Work to railbank an additional 144 miles of the railroad right-of-way nearly to Washington, MO, is underway.

More info about the Rock Island Trail:

Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail is a single-track trail system covering 392 miles across Missouri. Future plans include link-up with the Ozark Highlands Trail in Arkansas and total system mileage well over 700 miles.

All of the Ozark Trail is open for hiking. Significant portions are open for mountain biking as well--including one of the most popular mountain bike trails in Missouri, the Berryman Trail in the Mark Twain National Forest. Some portions are open to equestrian use.

OTA Trail Sections pages indicated allowed uses for each segment of the Ozark Trail.

The Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation has been working for years with our allies in the mountain biking world to create an Ozark Trail Mountain Bike System, using mountain bikeable sections of the Ozark Trail where available, gravel roads and other parallel routes as alternatives where trails are closed to mountain biking, and working to open new mountain biking routes in a few remaining key areas needed to complete the system.

The Ozark Trail Mountain Bike System is potentially over 280 total miles in length.

American Discovery Trail

Other Statewide Trails

 Kansas City area

St. Louis area

Central Missouri


Southwest Missouri



Stockton area

Branson area

 Northwest Missouri

St. Joseph


Chillicothe/Trenton area

 Lake of the Ozarks area

 South Central - Rolla, St. James 

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