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Touring the Arkansas Ozarks

By Todd Blackwell, Lake of the Ozarks. Touring by bicycle is not only about pedaling a bicycle around all day… it is about a different and exciting way to experience the many aspects of our world that we take for granted; the everyday places and faces that we speed by without notice. We tend to overlook these ordinary elements due in part to our hectic lifestyle. There is something new and exciting around every bend, over each hill, and in every small town we travel through. One can never fully appreciate the adventure that this method of travel affords unless they experience this for themselves . . .
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Lawsuit threatens St. Joseph riverfront hike-bike trail

Today the St. Joseph News-Press reported that the owner of a nearby riverboat casino plans a lawsuit to clear up disputes over the land a proposed riverfront hike-bike trail would be built on. Casino owner Bill Grace claims that he controls, either through options or leases, land the trail would be constructed on.

Grace called the trail an “absolute waste of money” that would attract “joggers and winos up there, and that is all you are going to get.” People who use the trail will not be “buying anything. They are walking.”

Construction on the trail has been postponed until the legal problems are cleared up.
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Dear Driver:Please Share The Road

Equal Rights for Cyclists campaign has written an interesting and useful letter to motorists and bicyclists, outlining the rights and responsibilities of both. The interesting thing about this letter is that ERCC went to a deal of trouble to test a lot of different versions of the letter, finally arriving at a statement that helps both motorists and cyclists understand how to drive on the road, not because "someone said so" but because they are good common sense.
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Touring across Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas to Colorado.

By Ken Kifer. By the time I reached Ava in the afternoon, I was very hot and tired. As I was riding along, a man drove out to stop me. Earl was 75 years old, and he had crossed the United States by bicycle when he was 70. He told me about the local bridges, about his travels, and about his philosophy of life. He and his wife gave me a plate of food to eat . . .

Click here to read the rest of Ken's cycling adventures across Missouri.
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Why is little Johnny obese?

Roadkill Bill has the answer . . .
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St. Joseph Hike-Bike Trail Delayed

The St. Joseph News-Press is reporting today that a planned hike-bike trail along the Missouri Riverfront has been delayed because a nearby riverfront casino operator fears that the proposed trail will limit his development options.
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2001 Katy Trail Ride Report & Photos

Read reports & see photos on the 2001 Katy Trail Ride. Also find information about future rides.
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Trees & Bicycles . . .

A place with trees, Silvia says, is more like a neighborhood. I'm on her side. But I tell her I think it's more than trees . . .

"All right then," she says. "Trees and bicycles."

Read more of Patrick Dobson's essay on liveable neighborhoods in Kansas City, in this month's eKC magazine.
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Johnson County Bicycle Club Rider Hit by Car

According to reports on the mid-america-mtb list, a cyclist on a ride with the Johnson County Bicycle Club was hit by a car yesterday. The cyclist had fallen behind the main group and was riding alone. Reports are that the injuries were scrapes and bruises and were not life threatening.
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MoBikeFed's Motorist Contact Program

Picture the perfect ride on a gorgeous Missouri morning spoiled by a frighteningly close encounter with a motorist who is angry just to see a bicyclist on the road. In the past, many of us were frustrated by our inability to take self-protective action or to incite others to protect us unless we were severely damaged by the encounter.

The Missouri Bicycle Federation offers its members (including members of affiliate organizations) an option that can be very satisfying...Report that safety threat! Find out the details of the motorist contact program here.
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KC: Bikes & Trikes for Tykes - 2002

Bikes & Trikes for Tykes is a 100% volunteer organization that receives donations of bicycles, repair and clean them, and give them to youth in the Kansas City area through any charitable organization.

Bikes & Trikes for Tykes takes whole bikes and bike parts, no matter what age or condition.

Our worksite is at 1021 Pacific, Kansas City KS in the back warehouse area. We have work parties on Saturdays from 9 to 5 and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm to 9pm. We usually have work parties from the first weekend in November, through the Saturday nearest the 15th of December. We have work for all skill levels, including cleaning bikes, moving bikes, stripping bikes for parts, or actually repairing bikes. Please schedule groups of more than 5 persons.

Bicycles can be donated at any of our work parties, or at various Hen House stores on the following schedule.

November 9th 135th & Blackbob (SW Corner), Olathe
November 16th I-29 & 64th Street (Just west of I-29)
November 23rd 1015 Rice Road, Lee's Summit
November 30th 119th & Roe (NE corner), Leawood

Inquiries can directed to kcbikeman@aol.com or if immediate response needed, call me during the day at 860-7689.

--Dan Rainford

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Cycle Montana

By Todd Blackwell, Lake of the Ozarks. To begin planning for a week perched atop a bike saddle, I put in anywhere from 50 to 150 miles per a week riding varied terrain and weather conditions starting in March. This training schedule was not any different from my normal riding routine as I ride as often as I can, whenever I can . . .
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