Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

In the spring of 2010 the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation partnered with the Missouri Department of Transportation to identify a list of high priority projects that were important to local communities and that could be built over the next few years. MoBikeFed solicitied suggestions from across Missouri, and then formed committees around the state to evaluate and rank almost 300 pedestrian, ADA, and bicycle projects.

Many organizations, agencies, clubs, groups, and individuals participated in the process of collecting, evaluating, and prioritizing the projects.

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Next Steps

MoDOT selected 13 of the projects, valued about $13 million, for construction. In addition, MoDOT and other agencies consult the list when looking for and evaluating potential projects.

If you are looking for projects to propose to local governments, grant awards, or MoDOT for consideration, having a project on the list indicates community buy-in to the project and helps your chances of receiving funding.

Once the projects are on official transportation plans, they become eligible for funding and will gradually start to be built over the next five to seven years. You can help by looking at the proposed projects in your area and letting your local elected officials know that they are important and deserve to be funded.