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ALERT: Your supporting comments needed by Nov 30th to preserve the 144-mile Rock Island Trail corridor for the future

Please help preserve Missouri's next major cross-state rail trail for the future!

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ALERT: Key Mississippi Greenway Trail Connection in St. Louis County needs your support today

UPDATE 16 February 2017: Success!  Great Rivers Greenway and County Councilman Ernie Trakas continued discussions about the trail--spurred on by the many messages and phone calls St Louis County officials received in support of it.

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ALERT: Contact Gov Nixon to oppose complete withholding of Missouri Moves funding for transit, biking, walking

Earlier this year, the Missouri General Assembly created the Missouri Moves fund, the first state transportation funding in modern history to take the total transportation approach to funding by funding transit, bicycling, and walking alongside road and highway projects.

MoDOT reserved 1/3 of Missouri Moves funding for this type of multi-modal transportation project--and nearly 50% of project applications received were for multi-modal projects.

Recently, Governor Nixon announced that he has withheld the entire amount of Missouri Moves funding--which will completely eliminate the program unless the Governor reverses course and restores some or all of the funding. Full details about the Governor's announcement here.

The Governor needs to hear from you about this decision. He needs to know that Missourians support funding for walking, bicycling, and transit and that it has many benefits for Missouri and Missourians.

Please take a few minutes to speak up and let your voice be heard.

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Action Alert: Let MoDOT know YOUR priorities for I-70 innovation and MoDOT's future direction

Recently, MoDOT announced a visioning process for the I-70 corridor.  MoDOT is asking Missourians to submit their innovative ideas and vision for what I-70 should be.  With MoDOT currently undertaking a national search for a new MoDOT Director, the direction the agency takes on I-70 is likely to set the tone for MoDOT's immediate future.

TAKE ACTION: Take a few minutes to let MoDOT know your thoughts about the future of the I-70 corridor--and please include some of the innovative ideas we suggest below.

Take Action: What innovations for I-70 can you suggest that will improve bicycling and walking along this corridor?

Please take the time to respond to MoDOT's request for innovation on the I-70 corridor on its Road to Tomorrow website.

Below are some suggested innovations that you can submit to MoDOT:

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ADVOCACY ALERT: Hearing on bill banning cell phone use, texting while driving in MO Senate Wednesday Feb 11th

SB 3, the bill sponsored by Sen David Pearce of Warrensburg to ban texting and all cell phone use by drivers is having a hearing Wednesday in the Senate Transportation Committee.  Click for the bill's page:

  SB 3:  Expands ban on using cell phones while driving to all drivers and to include telephone calls

In our membership surveys, banning texting, phoning, and other types of distracted driving has emerged as a very important priority, so we are strongly supporting SB 3 and urging individuals and organizations across Missouri to do the same.  We know that distracted drivers injure and kill many thousands of bicyclists and pedestrians nationwide each year.

Take action

You can help raise awareness of this issue and educate your own Missouri Senator about the dangers of distracted driving.

Here is how--in about 5 minutes:

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"Ryan's Bill"--Bike Rack/License Plate solution, appears set to pass MO General Assembly today

UPDATE 17 MAY 2012: Your messages and advocacy have paid off again!  The language solving the bike rack/license plate problem has survived the conference committee and has now been passed by the Missouri Senate.  The House is very likely to take it up and pass it, too, before the legislative session ends Friday at 6pm.

Thanks to all who called, faxed, or emailed--and especially to Ryan Metcalf, who got a ticket, saw a problem, and set out to fix it.  The result--this bill now ready to pass the Missouri General Assembly.


Five minutes today sending an email or making a phone call the three key legislators could help solve a small but very annoying problem for bicyclists.

The problem?  The car in the photo to the right is ILLEGAL in Missouri today, because the bike rack and bicycle is obscuring the rear license plate.  Under current Missouri law, there is no way to solve this problem--except removing the rack.


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ADVOCACY ALERT: Contact Congress today; six-year federal transportation policy and funding in the balance

Right now, Congress is working to set federal transportation policy and funding for the next six years.  Funding for bicycling and walking is under attack--and a call or message from you to our elected representatives could really make a difference.

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Effort to eliminate Transportation Enhancements defeated in U.S. Senate, 60-38

An effort in the U.S. Senate to eliminate Transportation Enhancements funding was defeated today by a vote of 60-38 in a bipartisan vote of support for bicycle and pedestrian funding.

Transportation Enhancements, the number one source of funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects in the United States, was the target of an attack by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  

Issues and examples attempting to portray the projects as a poor use of federal funding used by Paul and opponents of Transportation Enhancements had been thoroughly debunked by the media and bicycle and pedestrian groups.  The AP even went so far as to say the Senator Paul "continued the misrepresentation" when he spoke on the Senator floor today.

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AP Fact Check: Stories disparaging Transportation Enhancements funding are exaggerated or misleading

Next week a small group of U.S. senators is forcing a vote on a proposal to eliminate the Transportation Enhancements and other bicycle/pedestrian funding in the federal transportation budget.

An AP story fact-checking the stories members of Congress are telling about Transportation Enhancements is in the Kansas City Star and newspapers around the state and U.S. today.

The fact check is unusual--every supposedly horrible example of Transportation Enhancements spending is completely debunked.

Each example turns out to be either grossly exaggerated or completely misleading.  

That's not surprising, because Transportation Enhancements is the single largest source of funding for bicycle and pedestrian funding in the U.S. today, and those projects are important, popular, and much needed.

There are more than enough very good, very needed, projects to crowd out bad projects--and it looks like that is exactly what happened to many of the examples opponents have cited.  They were bad and so they were turned down for funding entirely.

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