Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Forest Lake Area Trail System, Kirksville (02KIR1188)


City: Kirksville, MO.    Route: State Hwy 157, State Hwy 6 (the project would reroute bicycle and pedestrian traffic off these roads--see below)    Location: From downtown Kirksville to Thousand Hills State Park to the City of Kirksville

Type: Bicycle Lane, Multi-Use Trail

Construction of bike lanes and/or paved trails along city and county roads. This would be a 1.2-3.4 mile segment of a proposed trail connecting Thousand Hills State Park to the City of Kirksville. The Forest Lake Area Trails System (FLATS) Steering Committee has been working with MO DNR to develop a separate .72 mile section on DNR land and has prepared a Recreational Trails Program Grant application for this section of the trail (to be submitted in July 2010). The Kirksville Rotary Charitable Fund is the fiscal sponsor for the FLATS project and the Kirksville Morning Rotary Club is sponsoring the project in the community. Preliminary estimate is $500,000-$1,000,000

The drive from dowtown Kirksville to Thousand Hills State Park, with approximately 500,000 yearly visitors, is over seven miles long and the existing routes either have no shoulder (State Highway 157) or are otherwise not designed to accommodate bicycle or pedestrian traffic (State Highway 6 and Old Missouri 6/Potter Trail). The 4-mile proposed trail would travel through beautiful terrain, reach the campgrounds three miles from Kirksville, provide a safe, direct route with little to no cross-traffic to one of the area?s most important resources, serving both recreational users and employees who work at the park. Studies have shown that such a trail would have a significant public health impact and lead to economic development in a number of areas: the retention and attraction of businesses, the retention and attraction of residents, increased property value, downtown development, lowered health costs, and increased tourism.

Only one of the potential connecting routes, along Michigan Trail, is entirely on public land.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
60 55 50 55 50 54.00




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·Bike Lane