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Missouri's Katy and Rock Island Trail systems
Recently one of our members contacted us with a very good question: How can a trail rider connect from Missouri's Katy /Rock Island Trail system to the Flint Hill Nature Trail in neighboring Kansas? Missouri's Katy and Rock Island Trail systems reach almost state line to state line--and almost to tantalizingly close trails in nearby states... (read more)
Chuck Flink, The Greenway Imperative - our Keynote Speaker
The 2020 Missouri Active Transportation Summit--our fifth annual--took place today with a full day's worth of informative and inspiring sessions. Chuck Flink, The Greenway Imperative - our Keynote Speaker If you missed the Summit this year, you can catch some of the high points below. (read more)
Chuck Flink, The Greenway Imperative, our 2020 Keynote Speaker
The 2020 VIRTUAL Missouri Active Transportation Summit is tomorrow--Friday, August 14th, starting at 9am.  It's not to late to join us--register here. You can just for just a session or two, or all day. Chuck Flink, The Greenway Imperative, our 2020 Keynote Speaker Leading off the Summit is our amazing Keynote Speaker, Chuck Flink, author of... (read more)
Bicycling, walking, and trails mean business in Missouri  Friday, August 14th, 2020, 9:00am-5:00pm An online, virtual Summit for 2020!  Join from anywhere in Missouri or the world via telephone, smart phone, or computer Presented by The Association of Bicycle & Pedestrian Professionals, Missouri Chapter Missouri Bicycle &... (read more)
2019 Active Transportation Summit
The 2020 Missouri Active Transportation Summit is Friday, August 14th, 2020. For the first time ever the Summit will be an online, virtual event.  You will be able to present or participate by telephone dial-in, smart phone, or computer from anywhere in Missouri or the world!2019 Active Transportation Summit Would you like to tell the story... (read more)
Missouri is filled with beautiful places to explore
As Missouri, the U.S., and the world considers how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worth considering how bicycling and walking fit into the picture, as an important part of our economy, as resilient and economical transportation options, and as important ways to maintain physical and mental health during difficult times.  Topics... (read more)
Complete Streets in communities across Missouri
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has announced two grant opportunities to help cities, local public health agencies, and county health departments who want to move Complete Streets. Complete Streets in communities across Missouri--from the largest to the smallest If you would like to see your community implement projects... (read more)
Rep. Jeff Shawan of Poplar Bluff is the sponsor of HB 1525
Several years ago, cyclist Barry Bean of Peach Orchard, Missouri, was seriously injured while bicycling when a stray dog ran in his path and caused him to crash. Rep. Jeff Shawan of Poplar Bluff is the sponsor of HB 1525, providing penalties for owners of uncontrolled dogs who injure people Once he had recovered from his injuries,... (read more)
The League promotes fun outdoor activity, includes both teams and clubs
The Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League is holding informational sessions across Missouri for the next few weeks (Springfield, Joplin, St Joseph, Cape Girardeau, KC area, St Louis area), coach training this spring, forming teams and clubs starting Spring 2020, and holding its first season Fall 2020.    The League promotes fun outdoor... (read more)
Dru Buntin of the Missouri DNR and Mark Birk of Ameren Missouri
Today officials from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Ameren signed an "interim trail use agreement" that allows the 144 miles of the Rock Island railroad corridor between Windsor and Beaufort to move towards development as Rock Island Trail State Park in the near future. Dru Buntin of the Missouri Department of Natural... (read more)
Missouri State Parks and Ameren, Rock Island Trail agreemen t
Missouri State Parks will announce their decision whether to sign an Interim Trail Use Agreement on the 144 miles of the Rock Island Trail between Windsor and Beaufort, Missouri, Tuesday, December 17th, at 2pm in Eldon.  Missouri State Parks and Ameren have worked to create an agreement to railbank the next 144-mile section of the Katy Trail... (read more)
Newly installed pedestrian signal and crosswalk on Kingshighway at Magnolia
Complete Streets make communities work for everyone--those who walk, those who bicycle, those who drive or use public transportation, people of all ages, and people at all levels of ability and disability. Recently, the Tower Grove area has implemented a comprehensive plan to improve walking and bicycling connections in the area, and particularly... (read more)
Butterfield 60 Gravel Road Gran Fondo - Sat Oct 26, 2019
A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Butterfield Stage Experience Route will take place on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at the Warsaw Courthouse Butterfield Monument, located at 316 Van Buren, Warsaw, Missouri. Following the grand opening, the first ride/race event utilizing a portion of the route, the Butterfield 60 Gravel Road... (read more)
  The Katy Rail Trail will be highlighted throughout the Ok Bike Summit
MoBikeFed Executive Director Brent Hugh, former MoBikeFed president Paul Wojciechowski, and the Katy Trail will be featured at the 2019 Oklahoma Bike Summit Oct 25-26, 2019--along with Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell of Oklahoma, of course. The Summit is held in Oklahoma City--so a fairly close drive for many Missourians in the southwestern part... (read more)
Jenn's Butterfield Stage ride - anticipating the 254 miles
It wasn't much more than a year ago when the Butterfield Stage Experience was just a glimmer of an idea mentioned in a regional trails planning meeting.  Jenn Bradshaw and the historic Butterfield Stage Experience first ride This spring, when the idea the routes starting coming together--to link 8 Missouri counties and over a dozen... (read more)