Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Winfield Sidewalks to Schools (03HAN1109)


City: Winfield.    Route: MO 47    Location: Along Hwy 47 and Old Troy Rd within the city limits of Winfield

Type: Sidewalk, Intersection improvements, Crosswalks, Signs

The City of Winfield currently has no sidewalks or bike/ped facilities to any of its three schools. This project proposes new sidewalks to be constructed along Hwy 47 (a busy regional corridor) from the new high school, through residential areas and city hall, to the middle school and elementary school. Along with ADA-compliant sidewalks, necessary crosswalks, signage, curb-cuts, etc. will be constructed.

In addition to providing a safe route to three schools and city hall, the project area contains the major retail shopping district in the City. Sidewalks here will offer the most diverse and widest target audiences, thus guaranteeing high traffic usage. Preliminary engineering has been completed, so the project is truly shovel-ready, pending funding.

The only obstacle to this project currently is the lack of local funding. This is a high priority for the city with local buy-in, and the top bike/ped project for the regional planning commission.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
77 67 50 79 58 66.20




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