Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Taylor - Old 61 connector (03HAN1231)


City: North of Taylor.    Route: Hwy 61    Location: Three miles north of Taylor

Type: Bicycle Lane

There is no safe way for bicylists to travel north from Taylor (or Palmyra, West Quincy) to LaGrange (or Wyaconda State Park) except to get on a shoulder of limited access busy four lane Hwy 61, also known as "The Avenue of The Saints". If there was a 0.47 mile connector from the outer road "Old Hwy 61" at 285th street to outer road County Road 70, then one could travel freely on low traffic paved roads all the way to Wyaconda State Park and on north to Canton on Bus. 61 or Hwy B. This would require that the path cross under the highway 61 bridges over the Durgun Creek from west to east, cross a new Bike/Ped. only bridge over Durgon Creek, and over a new path connecting up with County Road 70 near Beilstien Camper Sales.

It is such a short path but connects such a large network of safe cycling roads and such a long length of an important north/south corridor that could be a part of the Mississippi River Trail.

It requires a bridge.$1

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
77 47 97 50 67 67.60




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