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Add Hannibal-Keokuk segment to Mississippi River Trail & sign the route (03NAT0002)


City: Hannibal-Canton.    Route: Hwy 61/Bus 61    Location: Hannibal to Canton (plus another segment in the IL side to connect to Keokuk)

Type: Signs

Add the Hannibal-Canton-Keokuk route to the Mississippi River Trail and mark the route with signs.

The Mississippi River Trail bicycle route is a national route following the entire length of the Mississippi River. In Missouri it runs from the southern border of the state through Hannibal. However, no route has been identified or marked to cover the last segment, from Hannibal to Keokuk. Currently bicyclists are directed to cross the Mississippi River at Hannibal and proced the rest of the way through Illinois to Keokuk. Local bicyclists have identified a good low-traffic route that is commonly used by local bicyclists from Hannibal to Canton using Hwy 61/Bus 61, then across the river at Canton via ferry and via low-traffic county roads in IL to Keokuk. This is a very scenic and attractive route that will be better than the current MRT route through the area while also keeping bicycle tourists in Missouri for more of the route. Compared with the existing route, the proposed new route is lower traffic, more scenic, more direct, and has more miles in Missouri. Adventure Cycling will also strongly consider aligning its Great Rivers national bicycle route with the Mississippi River Trail on this segment from Hannibal to Keokuk if we make this change.

Working with IL to sign their portion of the route as well.

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