Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Hwy 9 Trestle underpass, North Kansas City (04KCM1198)


City: NKC / RIverside.    Route: HWY 9    Location: Waterworks Testle underpass

Type: Shoulder, Bicycle Lane

Need a provision for a shoulder under the bridge. Currently there are only the 2 lanes for cars. It affects both North and Southbound bicyclists and pedestrians who need to get into or out of North Kansas City.

Currently any pedestrian, or bicyclists need to enter the lanes of traffic to pass under the bridge. The lanes are also narrow for normal vehicle traffic. I believe that this is vital route for any traffic coming from the Riverside / Parkville area to get into down town, if the 169 bridge route is not allowed.

Need to enlarge the current opening or gain some right of way across the top of the railroad bridge.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
80 70 60 50 40 60.00




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Facility Type(s):
·Bike Lane