Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

"Warning Bicycle Ahead" Flashers & re-align lanes on 4 bridges lacking shoulders on Hwy 13 (04NAT0001)


City: Clinton.    Route: Hwy 13    Location: South of Clinton on four bridges lacking shoulders

Type: Signs/flashing lights

Four bridges on Hwy 13 between Clinton & Bolivar lack shoulders. Add button-activated "Caution Bicyclists Ahead" flashers that will help bicyclists safely cross these dangerous areas. Until these bridges are replaced, they will remain a barriers--however other simple/inexpensive solutions may be possible such as re-aligning the lanes to create a wider shoulder.

The entire Hwy 13 route from Bolivar to Clinton is signed with "Share the Road with Bicycles" signs. The route makes a key bicycle connection between Springfield (via the Frisco Highline Trail) and the Katy Trail at Clinton. The route is commonly used by bicyclists. All of the Hwy 13 from Bolivar to Clinton has wide shoulders except these four spots (which are in the southbound direction only--the northbound direction has adequate shoulders without any significant gaps). The button activated flashing lights have been used with good success in similar locations and are a good, inexpensive measure to help the situation. These are the only four remaining gaps to create a complete cross-state bicycle route from Springfield to St. Louis.


Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
87 55 89 95 95 84.20




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