Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Add Ped X-ing / safety island on Rte TT between 740 and Fairview in Columbia (05COL1011)


City: Columbia.    Route: Route TT (Broadway)    Location: Rte TT/Highland Dr. intersection, approx. 300 feet west of Rte TT/740 intersection

Type: Crosswalks

Paint a cross-walk, with pedestrian activated (push button) flashing yellow overhead lights.

Route TT (Broadway) acts as a barrier to pedestrian access between a residential neighborhood to the south and a shopping center to the north. There is currently no pedestrian signal or crosswalk at the intersection of Rte TT & 740. High traffic flow, signal timing, and turning movements at this intersection result in insufficient gaps in traffic to allow pedestrians to safely cross this 4-lane highway. A simple "hot button" crosswalk at the intersection of Highland Drive and Rte TT would facilitate pedestrian access to numerous convenience services available in the shopping center immediately across from the neighborhood. This location would provide a centralized pedestrian crossing point that would conveniently channel pedestrians directly to the storefront sidewalk network within the shopping center. This project would encourage walking to services located less than 1/2 mile from home, thereby reducing short automobile trips. It should be noted that the nearest existing pedestrian crossing is located at the intersection of Fairview Rd and Rte TT, which is nearly 1/2 mile west of the proposed mid-block crosswalk.

Outdated MoDOT policies, which discourage any improvement that might result in a slight delay for motorists. Lack of familiarity with the appropriate use and benefits of mid-block crossing facilities.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
95 85 65 95 95 87.00




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