Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Highway 179 under Highway 50, Jefferson City (05JEF1226)


City: Jefferson City.    Route: Highway 179    Location: Underpass under Highway 50 West

Type: Intersection improvements, Level path under bridge

This underpass does not allow cyclists or pedestrians a safe route. They have to be in one of the traffic lanes in a very busy intersection. This is extremely dangerous. An elevated paved trail needs to be built for about 200 feet slightly above the roadway. A small paved lane on the embankment of the bridge would allow people to cross under the highway safely, particularly if it was set off by a railing.

The intersection is going to be modified soon. Yet I have not seen where there will be any improvements for cyclists or pedestrians. This would be an excellent time to make this change and it would benefit people wanting to commute going north on Highway 179. Years ago, I helped write letters to MODOT on behalf of the River Bluffs Audubon Society asking that a bike lane be created when Highway 179 was built. The reply was that cyclists and pedestrians could use the shoulder of the road, and this is true until you get to the Highway 50 underpass. Then there is no safe way to go under Highway 50. There is no provision for anyone who wants to commute by foot or bike, and this has always been a big disappointment.

No. This is not traditional, but it would provide access for cyclists and pedestrians to get under the underpass safely. Right now, there is not even a shoulder under this bridge.

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