Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Dunklin Street Trail Head to Main Street, Along Wears Creek, Jefferson City (05MOS1179)


City: Jefferson City.    Route: Hwy 50    Location: Within the city limits

Type: Greenway Trail

The project is located in the central part of Jefferson City beginning near the US 54 on and off-ramps at the Dunklin St greenway trailhead. A 10' wide sidewalk would extend along Wears Creek, through a 250' box culvert that runs under Highway 50, and along the edge of two State of Missouri office parking lots to Main St.

This project will connect 8.2 miles of existing greenway trail to the Adrian's Island riverfront project (under development) and the Missouri River Bridge Project via Main Street. Once the Missouri River Bridge bike/pedestrian addition is completed, the trailway will connect the majority of the Jefferson City Greenway Trail system to the Katy Trail. This section of trail is the missing link in this connection.

Utilization of the Box culvert under Highway 50 Crossing of Wears Creek

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
83 71 76 62 65 71.25




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