Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Multi-Use path S. Hwy 65 in Sedalia (05SED1118)


City: Sedalia.    Route: Hwy 65    Location: within city limits

Type: Shoulder, Sidewalk, Curb cuts/ramps, Intersection improvements, Crosswalks, Signs

Trail for bicycle/pedestrian use from Katy Trail on South Highway 65 to Smith Cotton High School. This trail is approximately 1.2 miles on South Highway 65 to Tiger Pride Boulevard, then approximately 620 feet, more or less, on Tiger Pride Bouelvard to the school property. This project also includes ADA accesses off the Katy Trail overpass to the road level.

The City of Sedalia has made it a high priority in their master plan to become a community known for pedestrian connectivity, and to become linked with trails and sidewalks. With the new Smith Cotton High School now located on South Highway 65, a heavily travelled major highway, the safety of students navigating to the school is an issue. This project will provide for safer travel for students on foot or bicycle, including creating a pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Highway 65 and State Highway B/West 32nd Street. The project will also provide a link to the existing Katy Trail, a trail which is accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists throughout Sedalia.

Funding will be the biggest obstacle we will have to overcome to complete this project. We have the support of school administrators, City leadership, and the local community.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
85 95 59 75 65 75.80




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Facility Type(s):
·Curb Ramp