Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Access to Walmart, Sedalia (05SED1161)


City: Sedalia.    Route: Winchester from Hwy Y to Main Street    Location: Winchester from Hwy Y to Main Street

Type: Shoulder, Sidewalk, Bicycle Lane, Curb cuts/ramps, Intersection improvements, Crosswalks

Adding a lane or trail from Walmart along Winchester

This is a key area of town where much of the town depends on traveling to. Also, there are several assisted living apartments and houses along here. The elderly and disabled could use this safely. We have seen far too many times people in wheel chairs trying to navigate this street.

This is a busy street, but there is land that is undeveloped south of walmart on winchester street.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
87 95 59 65 60 73.20




Top 8 Project
Top 100 Project

Facility Type(s):
·Bike Lane
·Curb Ramp