Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Pave shoulders Marshall to Higginsville (05SED1238)


City: Marshall, Higginsville.    Route: Hwy 20    Location: Marshall to Higginsville, about 12 miles

Type: Shoulder, Signs, bike lane paint

For Saline County, I think the cyclists would say to fix the shoulders on Highway 20 from Marshall to Higginsville and put some paint designations on them as bicycle lanes.

We have several cyclists that use 20 now and have for years, but they have to ride on the highway itself because the shoulders are so bad. This project will encompass two of our counties and riders from both Higginsville and Marshall and the communities in between. This project will also take care of upgrading the deteriorating shoulders for vehicle operators also. Once completed, we could advertise the new lanes as the first cycle project in our two county area and hopefully entice some riders to bring us additional projects for consideration in the future. We could also add some signage on Hwy 20 designating the road as an approved safe-cycle roadway, extend the lanes to the Hab Centers in Marshall and Higginsville, the Veterans Cemetery in Higginsville, and Ridge Park Cemetery in Marshall which would add some historical destinations to the route, and include some other sites for tourism related consideration. The Saline County Tourism group would probably be on-board with that type of approach as would the two city governments.


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