Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Washington Katy Connector/Missouri River Bridge (06STL1110)

Status: Planning/scoping

City: Washington - Dutzow.    Route: MO 47, MO 94    Location: Approx. 3 mi. from Washington to Dutzow Katy Trailhead

Type: Shoulder, Bicycle Lane, Signs

This project proposes constructing bike lanes (paved shoulders) along MO 47 from the Washington Bridge to MO 94, then along MO 94 a short distance to the Katy Trail Dutzow trailhead. (Adding a path/shoulders to the bridge itself is a separate project; this project is for the connection between the Katy Trail and the bridge.)

The City of Washington has invested heavily in bike/ped facilities, including a riverfront trail. The Tour of Missouri has focused attention on the scenic Missouri Wine Road as a biking destination. A connection from Washington to the Katy would allow the 14,000 residents of Washington direct biking access to the Katy Trail, as well as drawing Katy visitors over to historic Washington. In this 20th anniversary year for the Katy, and with the Missouri River bridge at Washington atop the states list of needed major projects, this would be the perfect opportunity for a statewide showcase project at this location. Hwy 47 is THE TOP priority for the regional planning commission due to its regional significance and capacity/safety issues. Again, adding a bike lane to needed roadway upgrades is a perfect opportunity. This will allow the connection from the Katy Trail to the planned bicycle path on the bridge itself. Meanwhile it will allow bicyclists (who are already using the bridge even in its current condition) to more easily and safely connect between the Katy Trail and Washington. This is on the Great Rivers Route national bicycle Route (Adventure Cycling).

The primary obstacle will be ensuring proper grading to allow width for a paved bike lane. Sufficient right of way should exist for this expansion. Cost estimate below based on generic cost per mile templates.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
88 81 88 62 59 75.40




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·Bike Lane