Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Bike/Ped Bridge or access over I-64 near Hanley Rd, Richmond Heights (06STL1138)


City: Richmond Heights 63117.    Route: 64    Location: Intersection of 64 and Hanley Rd

Type: Sidewalk

Between the hundred of homes on the north side of the New 64 between Hanley Rd and Brentwood Blvd and the dozens of stores on the south side of the New 64 is a newly built sound wall. Although the distance between these homes and dozens of favored stores is only 500+ feet, residents and customers must travel 1.8 miles one way (3.6 miles roundtrip) to access these important destinations. A pedestrian bridge near the New 64 over 170 was permanently removed making trips to the south of the New 64 one mile longer for pedestrians. This extra distances has caused numerous residents to choose autos instead of walking/cycling which leads to more traffic, more noise and more pollution than existed before this route was modified.

A simple solution is to build a sidewalk about 400 feet in length along the north side of the Hanley-Brentwood connector and provide a gate through the wall for pedestrians and cyclists. There is plenty of room for this infrastructure and it would allow residents customers access these preferred destinations by foot or bike instead of being forced into cars by the removal of the pedestrian bridge. Ideally a bridge would be built over the New 64 but the posited sidewalk-path is a practical and doable solution. This area is one of the busiest commercial-shopping areas in the StL region. Typically the parking lots are filled with cars and the intersections have high motorized traffic volume. In addition, the numerous young students who want to go to these stores, library and recreational center are burdened with traveling distances that cause them to forego these important destinations on the south side of the New 64. Without a connector sidewalk-path, residents and shoppers must walk and/or cycle along Clayton Road, Hanley Road, Brentwood Blvd and Eager Road much greater distances than necessary which adds unnecessarily to motorized traffic.

The new sound wall is an obstacle but can be easily modified. No additional signage is needed as this sidewalk-path would connect with the current path on the west side of Hanley Road.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
70 72 67 95 95 79.80




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