Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Bike/Ped crosswalk on Hwy 141, Twin Oaks (06STL1203)


City: Twin Oaks.    Route: Hwy-141    Location: Hwy-141 and Briarhurst Dr

Type: Bicycle Lane, Intersection improvements, Crosswalks, Signs

Currently there is no access for pedestrians to cross Hwy-141 from the subdivision on the west side of 141 (Briarhurst Dr) to the east side (Mautanne Dr/ Meramec Station Rd). Big Bend Rd is 5 lanes at Hwy-141 and not safe for cyclist. It is a long walk around on sidewalks for pedestrians. There is already a traffic light there and a short trail and walk light is needed.

There is a public library on Meramec station Rd, North of Big Bend Rd that people west of Hwy-141 could use if there were good access. Access to the shopping districts (Schnucks, Shop and Save and many others) would be much safer and accessible. It would also allow cyclist to use back roads (not Big Bend Rd) to travel east and west. Currently that section of Big Bend Rd (from Dougherty Ferry Rd to New Ballwin Rd) is UNSAFE for cyclist. Allowing access to the subdivision roads would be helpful. Currently most cyclist use Vance Rd or travel north to Clayton Rd to be able to then travel East or West.

Can't think of any. It should have been done without question when Hwy-141 was first improved some years ago.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
70 66 55 75 75 68.20




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·Bike Lane