Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Painted bike lanes on Big Bend Rd, Ballwin/Valley Park (06STL1204)


City: Ballwin/ Valley Park.    Route: Big Bend Rd    Location: Dougherty Ferry Rd to New Ballwin Rd

Type: Bicycle Lane, Signs

Big Bend Rd from Dougherty Ferry Rd to New Ballwin Rd in St Louis County is 5 lanes and UNSAFE for cyclist. There needs to be a bike lane along the entire length. The road also needs re-pavement, however a bike lane could be done by only paving the bike lane rather than the entire roadway. If there is good surface on a bike lane, cyclist would use it and not get into the broken surface of the roadway, in the way of motorist. I suggest re-striping of the lanes, like what was done on I-44 east of I-270, making each driving lane 1 foot narrower, and the center lane 2 feet narrower. This would allow for a 3 foot bike lane on each side of the roadway for cyclist.

Currently the safest way to travel from Kirkwood Mo to Ballwin Mo and farther west is to use Big Bend to Forest Ave to Vance Rd. We then cross north of Big Bend on Sulphur Springs Rd and use subdivision roads to continue west. None of those roads are really good for cycling, but they are better than being on 5 lane Big Bend.

I think the road is controlled by St Louis county. Maybe someone could talk to them about it.

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