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Sidewalk/shoulder connection 61/67 over Meramec River, Arnold (06STL1229)


City: Arnold.    Route: Hwy 61-67, Lemay Ferry Rd.    Location: The sidewalk on the Meramec River Bridge north to the shoulder on the St. Louis County side. Both South and North bound sides.

Type: Shoulder, Sidewalk

There are sidewalks in the City of Arnold and on the bridge of Hwy. 61-67 over the Meramec River, but the sidewalk on both sides of the road abruptly end in mud on the north (St. Louis County) side of the bridge. The sidewalk needs to be connected to the shoulder (probably less than 100 feet) for walking and bicycling safely on the separated bridge sidewalk.

Low cost, less than a couple hundred feet of asphalt or concrete will make it safe to walk or bicycle between two commerce and residential communities. It just doesn't make sense to have sidewalks end abruptly in to the mud when the paving of a short gap can connect miles of shoulder and sidewalk.


Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
75 58 55 75 70 66.60




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