Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Add shoulders to Transamerica Trail route (Hwy 106), Eminence to Summersville (09NAT0022)


City: Eminence.    Route: Hwy 106    Location: Eminence to Summersville, 19.1 miles


Add shoulders to Hwy 106; omit rumble strips if shoulders are built. 4 foot shoulders are preferable but even shoulders of 1-2 feet wide, even if intermittent, help a lot.

Hwy 106 between Eminence and Summersville is in a scenic area of the state and part of the national TransAmerica Trail Bicycle Route. For that reason it has a relatively high amount of bicycle traffic. The area also has much heavy truck traffic. Even though the road is generally low-traffic, the high percentage of heavy truck traffic has led to numerous reports from TransAmerica riders that they feel uncomfortable riding in the area. Even just a foot or two of extra shoulder for bicyclists to ride on, even if not completely continuous but available only in sections or where possible, would make a big difference in making this section safer for bicycling, and safe for heavy truck operators.


Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
74 30 90 65 80 67.80




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