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Share the Road Signs on frontage roads near Rolla (09ROL1133)

Status: Completed

City: Rolla.    Route: I-44 frontage roads    Location: I-44 frontage roads on both sides of Rolla

Type: Signs

The I-44 service roads, to the east and west of Rolla, are frequented by local and cross-country cyclists. Add share the road signs to them.

Many local bicyclists use these routes already. The routes are used by cross-country bicyclists. The routes are part of the Route 66 bicycle route across the state/nation. Low cost. Cost is estimated by a share the road sign every 4 miles in each direction, for 20 miles, two frontage/outer roads in each direction (one on each side of I-44) and two directions out from Rolla. That makes about 40 signs total.

Some routes are likely state roads but other frontage roads may be county roads.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
71 58 86 87 92 78.80




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