Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Improve Hwy 61 Intersections for pedestrians & bicyclists, Cape Girardeau (10CAP0005)


City: Cape Girardeau.    Route: US Highway 61    Location: Mt. Auburn to N. Cape Rock Dr.


Install bike/ped signals for crossing Kingshighway (US 61) at intersections of N. Cape Rock Dr., Independence St., Bloomfield Rd. and Southern Expressway/Mt. Auburn Rd.

[4.9 miles] US 61/Kingshighway crossings. There are currently no bicycle/pedestrian crossings on US Highway 61/Kingshighway in the City of Cape Girardeau. This proposal calls for push-button activated signal crossings at 4 of the 8 signalized intersections within the city limits. These intersections would include Mt. Auburn Road, Bloomfield Road, Independence St. and N. Cape Rock Drive. The Mt. Auburn intersection accesses Cape Central High School, less than 0.5 miles past Kingshighway. The Bloomfield Road and Independence St. intersections are frequently used by bicyclists and offer access to the LaCroix Creek Recreational Trail. The intersection of Kingshighway at N. Cape Rock Drive is the entrance to Arena Park which is heavily used for local sports leagues and also accesses the LaCroix Creek Recreational Trail. This improvement would also provides a safe route to Clippard Elementary School via Kiwanis Dr. and Hawthorne Ave.


Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
95 50 60 55 59 63.80




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·Bike Lane