Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Sidewalk on Highway 34/72 in Jackson (10MOS1068)


City: Jackson.    Route: Highway 34/72    Location: Between the intersections of S. Missouri St. and Oklahoma St.

Type: Sidewalk, Curb cuts/ramps, Crosswalks

A missing section of sidewalk is needed along the north side of Highway 34/72 (West Jackson Boulevard) between the intersections of S. Missouri St. and Oklahoma St., adjacent to the Jackson High School campus. The length of the sidewalk is approximately 660 feet, and the width would be 6 feet.

This is the only section of Highway 34/72 that does not currently have a sidewalk. Construction of this missing piece of sidewalk would complete a comprehensive link for bicyclists and pedestrians between the cities of Jackson and Cape Girardeau along this busy route. Plus, it would provide added safety to the students of Jackson High School who choose to walk or bike to school.

No, there are no known obstacles to getting this small project completed as the sidewalk should be constructed on MoDOT right of way.

Need Potential Significance Cost Readiness Total
79 64 66 83 86 75.60




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Facility Type(s):
·Curb Ramp