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What is BLAST?
The BLAST (Bicycle Lesson and Safety Training) program covers a curriculum designed to teach and develop the skills and knowledge required for safe and effective cycling. This curriculum has been developed by bicycle education advocates and reviewed by educators and parents from the BVSD, and is being brought to you by the BVSD Safe Routes to School program. 

The BLAST program being offered in spring 2010 is designed to be taught in approximately three hours of class time by trained BLAST instructors with the assistance of the PE teacher. The long-term goal of BLAST is to expand to a more comprehensive 11 hour curriculum. While many of the topics are covered in a classroom setting, the BLAST curriculum includes a riding skills portion where students will practice operating a bicycle in a controlled environment.

BLAST Core Concepts

  • Confidence
  • Safety
  • Skill


  • Improved bicycle handling skills
  • Proficiency of basic traffic skills
  • Identification and avoidance of hazards 

Why is BLAST important?
Cycling provides many benefits both to the individual and the community. There are wide-reaching social, economic and environmental impacts of utilitarian cycling, and it is also a growing form of recreation and fitness.  However, most cyclists (children and adults) are unaware of the laws and conventions that govern cycling on public byways and lack formal training in safe riding skills.
BLAST is a primer for students to gain an understanding of how to safely operate a bicycle in a variety of situations. The class aims to produce cyclists who ride safely and skillfully. By inviting BLAST into the classroom, PE teachers are providing their students with a formal education on an important topic and helping to create an educational culture that values cycling as a basic life skill.