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Upcoming Bike Ed Classes in Missouri

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Bicycle Education Classes in Missouri

Taking one of the League of American Bicyclists' BikeEd courses is a fun way to improve your bicycling skills and safety. Even experienced bicyclists learn a lot by taking the course.

MoBikeFed believes that bicyclist education is one of the best ways to improve bicyclist safety and strongly recommends the Bike Ed courses to all bicyclists.

On the right side of this page, see a current listing of upcoming Bike Ed classes in Missouri.

Throughout 2015, League Cycling Instructor Bob Sharpe is publishing a series of articles that cover most ideas and concepts in the Traffic Skills 101 course on the MoBikeFed web site.

More info, including links to organizations that regularly offer bike ed classes online and classes in person in St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City, and elsewhere around Missouri, is on MoBikeFed's Bicycle Education Classes page.

Road rules and laws
Safe bicycling does not come from chance or from a James Bond-like ability to do the impossible; instead, it comes from a knowledge of the traffic laws and careful attention to the behavior of others.--Ken Kifer

Traffic safety skills
Today, the greatest risk to children's health is not injury but lack of exercise.--Ken Kifer

Teaching kids
In teaching children to ride a bicycle, there are two important aspects:
  • Teaching the physical skills of riding: balancing, turning, starting, and stopping.
  • Teaching the safety skills of bicycling on the trail or on the street.

Group riding safety and skills

Bicycling commuting tips and advice
You don't have be a tree-hugging car-hating eco-nut like me to ride your bike to work. . . . All you need to be is somebody who wants to exercise, save money, save gas, de-stress, and have fun. --CJ Silverio

Health and safety facts and statistics
[M]any people . . . think that bicycling is especially dangerous, not recognizing that cyclists travel more miles per fatality than pedestrians and more hours per fatality than passenger vehicle users.--Ken Kifer

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