Summer Fund Raising Campaign: Legislation and License Plates

Sample License Plate

Bicycling License Plate
Thanks the support of members like you, we are now able to move forward with the license plate! It will take a while to go through all of the state processes, so stay tuned for updates on when you can order your plate.

We still need your help to fund our legislative program
Did you know MoBikeFed has a lobbyist in our Capitol fighting for your right to the road?. It's one of our most important programs - lobbying elected officials for better laws and funding for safer bicycling and walking.  But it's expensive and takes generous support from our members.

We need your help today! 

1. Donation to MoBikeFed (501c4 - not tax deductible):
Supports legislative work and advocacy in support of better, safer bicycling and walking.
2. Donation to the Foundation (501c3 - tax deductible):
Supports education, outreach, promotion, and encouragement of more, better, safer walking and bicycling.

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To send a donation by mail, simply make your check to "Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation" (not tax deductible!) or "Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking" (501c3, tax deductible) and send to:

Missouri Bicycle Federation, Inc.
Post Office Box 104871
Jefferson City, MO 65110-4871