MoDOT "Share the Road" Sign Policy

The Share the Road (W16-1) sign may be used with other appropriate warning signs to advise the motorists that other modes of transportation may be present on the same facility. This can include, but is not limited to, pedestrians, bicycles, horse drawn vehicles, etc. The (W16-1) sign shall not be used alone but always as a supplementary plaque under a W11 series sign.

When used with other warning signs the (W16-1) and its primary sign should be repeated periodically over the length of the road. The assembly with the (W16-1) sign should be repeated after each major side road intersection.

Additional assemblies may be used as needed to advise drivers of the presence of these other types of transportation. If the section of roads extends more than a mile the (W7-3-24) Next XX Miles should be added to the first assembly.

For Use with Bicycle Signs (W11-1) MoDOT has a policy covering pedestrian and bicycle facilities. This policy defines what are considered accommodations for pedestrians and bicycles. Facilities that have accommodations as described in the MoDOT bicycle, pedestrian policy, such as paths, wide shared lanes and bicycle lanes on shoulders will be signed according to Chapter 9 of the MUTCD.

Where there are not accommodations as described in the policy but there is significant bicycle use the W16-1 may be considered. The W16-1 sign will only be used on these facilities if there is a request from the community. Typically a local bicycling group will be the requester. Only those routes where there is frequent and regular use for bicycling should be considered. Occasional weekend use by individuals is not considered justification for using the W16-1.

For special events, such as organized cross-country or cross state bicycle rides, temporary posting of the W16-1 signs may be considered. Once the event is completed the signs should be removed unless it is a facility that meets the previous criteria for permanent signing.

Use of the W16-1 signs needs to be carefully managed like any other sign.