Amtrak needs your help now

MoBikeFed president Bob Foster posted this today:

Right now, this week, the Missouri Senate is discussing funding for many programs, including debating the fate of Amtrak. If you care about being able to go car-free to KC, Jeff City or Hermann; if you care about doing the Katy Trail and biking back; if you care about a choice besides staring at the 700 million billboards and being tailgated by 14 billion semis on Hwy 70 -- then take a moment to call or write an enote to your state senator. The highway lobby is working to choke Amtrak to death. So's the trucking industry. Unless each of us speaks up, they win.

As you know, right now Amtrak carries bikes for a $10 charge and it stops near Katy trailheads in Washington, Hermann, Jeff City, and Sedalia.

Here's contact info: