Support America Bikes' work on the T-3 federal transportation bill

The next generation federal transportation equity bill (known as T-3) will determine whether the many bicycle-related improvements throughout the country, continue or grind to a halt.

America Bikes is working for a bike-friendly T-3 federal transportation bill. Consisting of the major national players from both bike advocacy and industry, the America Bikes coalition will lead the effort to protect and expand what has been achieved in the past two bills (ISTEA in 1991, TEA-21 in 1998). Individual cyclists, bike clubs, bike shops, and other organizations are all asked to be a part of America Bikes' grassroots network.

Go to America Bikes' website. Read and endorse their agenda and "join the (e-mail) team" for occasional updates and action alerts. You'll be notified when a phone call, etc., is needed during the campaign, especially in 2003 as the bill gets closer to passage.

The America Bikes web site includes a page with responses from the Missouri congressional delegation about their support for bicycle-related issues0. Take a look--it makes for very interesting reading!