Bike/Ped issues discussed at meeting about Olathe freeway interchange

Olathe City held a meeting Thursday to discuss a planned freeway interchange at Lone Elm and 159th Street (see MoBikeFed's previous announcement of this meeting, with Dale Crawford's discussion of the bike/ped issues).

The KCStar reports that at the meeting, which was attended by about 10 people, bike/ped issues were one of the main points of discussion:
Bob Arnett of Lenexa said he and his wife often ride their bikes to Cedar Lake, and on the way pass through the future interchange area. Bike lanes, wider outside car lanes and trails all would help make the area more friendly to bicyclists and walkers, Arnett said.

"I just want to make certain that it still becomes a place that we can ride safely and enjoy the area out there, both as cyclists and as pedestrians, so the traffic flow doesn't become so heavy that it's another place where we're forced out of," he said.