Blue Springs mayor asks citizens to support liveable communities

In a recent Kansas City Star column, Blue Springs mayor Greg Grounds asks citizens to let city government know how they feel about development standards:
In trying to evaluate the issues I find myself wondering where the bulk of our residents stand.

John and Mary Doe, where are you? While anecdotal information can be unreliable, many of you who contact me say you like what is going on, and urge a continuation of present policy. However, few of you ever show up at public hearings, or even write letters to the council or newspapers unless it is a project next door to where you live.

At the same time, some local builders call me and claim that planting large numbers of trees is ruining the town. "Who wants to live in a forest?" they ask. They do appear at hearings, often with paid representatives.

Mayor Grounds has good advice--if you want to live in a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly community, you've got to speak up!