KC-area considers bike/ped friendly neighborhoods

A couple of recent articles detail the interest of KC-area communities in creating a more bike/ped-friendly environment:
  • Several communities in Jackson County, with Independence in the lead, are considering new developments based on the ideas of "new urbanism". New urbanism "features pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods where people actually -- gasp! -- know their neighbors. It focuses on creating living areas with more green space and parks. It emphasizes neighborhood shops, churches and schools that lessen reliance on the almighty automobile." Read more in the KCStar article.
  • Residents along 85th Terrace in Leawood want to use traffic calming measures on their street, which is narrow and has no sidewalks. "Kirby said it's not unusual for pedestrians to have to get out of the way for motorists because the cars either aren't yielding to pedestrians or there's not enough room for cars to move over because of oncoming traffic." According to the article, "Traffic-calming measures have garnered a mixed reaction in other cities." Read more in the KCStar.