Kansas City Walkability Plan passes full city council

Once again, Kansas City is on its way to becoming a cool city (if only we should all live that long!):
Walkability Friends:

On Thursday, March 20, by Resolution No. 030211, City Council adopted the Kansas City Walkability Planas a "policy guide for increasing transportation choice in Kansas City by providing for direct, continuous, safe, pleasant, and secure pedestrian options throughout the City." Special thanks go to Councilman Ed Ford for taking the time out of his busy schedule to meet and
work out the final wording on the Pedestrian Impact Analysis recommendation, and for courageously defending the Plan in the Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee. Also thanks to Councilwoman Mary Williams-Neal for
making the motion to adopt the plan and voting for it.

We thank those of you who worked hard putting the plan together by serving on the Client Team, attending and helping out at meetings and workshops, helping to write and test the new walkability tools, and spending long hours at City Plan Commission and Council hearings in order to testify on the plan. Ray Moe of LSA Associates, Inc., our lead consultant, built on the FOCUS Kansas City framework to construct this unique plan. The Public Works Department has been our crucial partner in the plan as they will be in its
implementation. They deserve our very special thanks.

As many of you already know, I will be retiring from the City on March 28. The adoption of the Walkability Plan is giving me the best possible send off. The implementation of the Walkability Plan will go forward under the capable guidance of Gerald Williams (513-2897 Gerald_Williams@kcmo.org ) planner in the Planning, Preservation and Urban Design Division and Steve Noble (513-2805 Stephen_Noble@kcmo.org ) manager of the Transportation Planning Division, both in our City Planning and Development Department.

Lynnis Jameson, Senior Planner
City Planning and Development Department

The Missouri Bicycle Federation extends congratulations and sincerest thanks to all who were involved in KC's Walkability Plan, but especially to Lynnis Jameson of KCMO who has been key in shepherding the proposal through, and Ed Ford, chair of the key Kansas City Council committee, who stood up for the proposal when it really counted--and when it would have been easy to knuckle under to political pressure.

Both Jameson and Ford are leaving KCMO--Jameson is retiring and Ford didn't stand for re-election. Congratulations to both on a job well done!