5 Rules by MoBikeFed Chair Bob Foster in newspapers across the country

In its Bike Month feature, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch included five rules for bicyclists and five for motorists by Missouri Bicycle Federation Chair Bob Foster. Bob's Rules have been picked up by newspapers nationwide, including the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the Columbus, GA, Ledger-Enquirer.

Bob's Rules:
For bicyclists:

1. Obey the law. Blowing by a stop sign is dangerous and generates a feeling of "It's not fair" in motorists.

2. People in cars have someplace to go. Don't hold them up unnecessarily.

3. Take a traffic lane when you have to. It's safer than being squeezed to the side of a narrow lane or dodging fireplugs, utility poles or cars coming out of driveways onto the sidewalk. As a matter of fact, the street is safer than the sidewalk.

4. Nighttime is six times more dangerous than daytime for a ride. People who ride at night should have bright lights and wear reflective clothing. "Those little blinkers just don't cut it. They give people a false sense of security."

5. Ride single file in traffic. State law allows cyclists to ride side by side, but holding up traffic while you have a conversation can make motorists angry.

For motorists:

1. Please be patient. Cyclists are not trying to slow you down. They have somewhere to go, too.

2. Minimize your distractions. If you are talking on a cell phone or yelling at your children or eating, you may not see the cyclist ahead.

3. Don't squeeze cyclists. Wait until you have room to pass, giving the cyclist at least three feet of clearance. It will only take a minute or two.

4. Bicyclists pay taxes, too. They have a right to the road.

5. Remember, cyclists are taking up one less parking space and one less place in line at the gas station.