Blue Springs plans bike route circling the city

According to an article in The Examiner, Blue Springs is working to make the city more bicycle friendly. The city is planning a trail circling the city. The trail will be a combination of dedicated multi-use trail sections, on-street bicycle lanes (for busier streets), and on-street shared lanes (for less-busy streets).
"Our goal is to create a traffic system that is an alternative to the vehicle," Righter said. "It gives the opportunity for people to transport themselves around the community on foot or bike." . . .
The original plans included 50 miles on and off the street, but through public hearings, Righter said staff was able to get more public input.

"After we built the parkway, cyclists said they wouldn't use the trail because of everyone else," Righter said. "True cyclists want to be on the pavement with the vehicles. Bicycles, by law, are considered vehicles."
The plan also includes amenities such as bike lockers at commuter parking lots.

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