The TransAmerica Trail and Farmington

The TransAmerica Trail runs through Farmington, MO, and continues through the southern part of the Missouri to Kansas. The MoDOT Bike/Ped Advisory Committee has suggested that this route be included as a primary route on the proposed Missouri bicycling map.

The route in St. Francois County, near Farmington has been the subject of several newspaper articles and public comment. Discussion has centered on the idea that the current route may not be the best route and on the fact that Missouri has a reputation among TransAmerica cyclists of being the state with the most inconsiderate and mean-spirited drivers.

The articles have sparked a number of comments suggesting better routes through the area. Cyclists from around Missouri are invited to view the map of proposed bicycle routes around Missouri and give feedback about the TransAmerica route or any of the other proposed bicycle routes around the state.

The following articles have appeared in the Park Hills Daily Journal about this issue: MoBikeFed news has previously discussed the serious problem of rude and dangerous Missouri drivers.